Visual Art

Rian is an installation artist and painter and has been active in the national arts community for 20 years. She has been awarded an Oregon Arts Commission fellowship, RACC grants, an Artists for the Arts grant, a Catalyst Fund grant, and Soapstone residency, among others. Her curatorial work is listed under the “Photography” web page.

Her most recent international installation was in Iceland where she was awarded a month-long residency and public art exhibition. She was accepted into three Portland Winter Lights Festivals and created installations with LED lights two years, and a video installation another that was seen by close to 30,000 people. See home page of this site and scroll down to see more images and read project statements on a few recent installations.

From The Oregonian, 5.1.2008: …not enough know Rian has long been a deeply talented painter…in her non-objective abstract work layered textures serve as metaphors for the natural landscape, history, even chronic illness.

From The Oregonian, 11.3.2005: Rian’s paintings are stormy, tangled and outspoken reflections of interior and exterior landscapes.

From The Portland Mercury, 11.3.2005: Kirsten Rian creates dark, heavily-worked diptychs of acrylic, charcoal, and pastel on wood that recall the scratchy, angsty works of Cy Twombly, Lucinda Parker, and Susan Rothenberg.

Selected Exhibitions

Gallery, 114, Portland, Oregon, We Are and Are Not (W)hole, 2020
Portland Winter Light Festival, Braille Constellation REDUX, LED light installation, 2020
Siglufjörður, Iceland, We Are and Are Not (W)hole; multi-media public art installation, 2018
Portland Winter Light Festival, OMSI, Patterns Are For Breaking, video installation, 2016
Portland Winter Light Festival, OMSI, Braille Constellation, LED light installation, 2015
Siglufjörður, Iceland, What Remains; multi-media public art installation, 2014
Gallery 114, Portland, OR: Flight Patterns; May, 2008
Gallery 114, Portland, OR: Lines, those that fall off the map; November 2006
Visual Arts Collective, Boise, ID: Geography; July – September 2006
Fife, Portland, OR: Geography; February – March 2005
Gallery 114, Portland, OR: Geography; November 2005
Gallery 114, Portland, OR: Organ Players & Storytellers; 2011
Steamer Building, Portland, OR: December, 2010
Pivot/Cascade Aids Project (Portland, OR); August 2010
Mount Hood Community College, Gresham, OR: Why We Keep Going; installation, January, 2008
Gallery 114, Portland, OR: About Face; January 2008
Gallery 114, Portland, OR: Proletariat Art; January 2007
100th Monkey Studio, Portland, OR: Lines, those that fall off the map; 2007
Gallery 114, Portland, OR: Daily Labor; February, 2006

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Flight Patterns


What’s Left


Bay of Bengal


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Venice, Night


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