Independent Curator, Photographer, and Educator

Visual and Non Profit Arts

Rian is a curator, picture editor, and book editor in the fine arts and documentary photography fields. She works with some of the world’s best artists, and is active in the international photography community. She has coordinated more than 375 exhibitions, and 80 books and catalogues. She also works prolifically as a nonprofit consultant and executive director, grants writer, and project manager. 1991-present.

Freelance projects, commissions, and work include:

  • Curator & Project Manager, Notre Dame University, Peace Studies department, digital stories comprised from a group of artists, scientists, and philosophers exploring the arts connected to compassion and healing, permanent online exhibition, discussion forum, and physical book, 2013-2014.
  • Curator, Lewis & Clark College, Centennial symposium and exhibition, William Stafford Archives, 2013-2014.
  • Curator, Yan Tai Shan, Henan Provence, China, International Cultural Symposium. Chief curator and lecturer hired to bring 10 American landscape photographers to China for exhibition and series of lectures, 2011.
  • Curator, Mercy Corps, international headquarters. A freelance project curating the Mercy Corps photography collection for a permanent exhibition in the new international headquarters, 2009.
  • Adjunct Professor, Clark College, Art Department, 2012-2013. Art appreciation courses.
  • Adjunct Professor, Portland State University, School of Fine & Performing Arts Department, 2012-present. Fine art practice, art history.
  • Curator, Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado, ASMP exhibition, 2008.
  • Curator, Vermont PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT, 2012.
  • Instructor, New Space Center for Photography, classes include artistic vision, portfolio, photographic voice, the business of art, writing for artists, and others, 2007-present.
  • Chair, Board of Directors, PhotoLucida, an international photography festival bringing together a world-wide collection of photographers and curators annually, 2004-2007.
  • Invited Portfolio Reviewer, Our World, San Francisco Art Institute, 2007-2019.
  • Invited Portfolio Reviewer and Panelist, Atlanta Photo Festival, 2012.
  • Invited Portfolio Reviewer and Panelist, Palm Springs Photo Festival, 2007.
  • Invited Portfolio Reviewer, Fotofest, 2006.
  • Invited Portfolio Reviewer at the Seattle Art Museum for Photographic Center NW 2003- 2006.
  • Grant Review and Selection Panelist for the Regional Arts & Cultural Council, 2003.
  • Invited Portfolio Reviewer, Photo Americas international photography festival, 2003.
  • Invited Portfolio Reviewer for PhotoLucida international photography festival, 2005- 2019.
  • Lecture, Aperture West presents, Palm Springs Photo Festival, photography and advocacy, 2007.
  • Lecture, Kunstalle Faust, Hannover, Germany, photography and war, 2007.
  • Lecture, PhotoAlliance, San Francisco, California, with Bill Burke, photography and arts with social conscience, 2006.
  • Lecture, San Francisco Center for the Book, San Francisco, California, panel discussion, photography art books, self publishing for photographers, 2006.
  • Lecturer at Portland State University on non-profit arts management and grant writing, art department, 1998-2002.
  • Executive Director, Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts/Blue Sky Gallery, 1991-2007.  This unique nonprofit arts organization has, for over 30 years, provided support, exhibitions, publications, workshops, and lectures from the most important established and emerging photographic artists working in the world.  Oversaw management of and executed fundraising for programming of 24 exhibitions, 12 lectures, and the printing and distribution of 4 publications per year. Managed and tripled an international membership base. Managed a paid and volunteer staff of 30. Final accomplishment in tenure was directing a $2.5 million capital campaign to purchase a new and permanent space in Portland’s Pearl District and establish an endowment.
  • Freelance independent project manager, development consultant, grant writer and book editor for creative and non profit organizations in the fine arts and photography fields. Clients have included the Portland Art Museum, Oregon College of Art & Craft, Wild Salmon Center/Ecotrust, Halton, PhotoAlliance, Scandinavian Heritage Foundation, NewSpace Center for Photography, Notre Dame University; Lewis & Clark College; The Aftermath Project. She works with some of the world’s best artists, and is active in the international photography community. She has coordinated more than 375 exhibitions, and 80 books and catalogues. 1991-present. 1989-present.
  • Adjunct Professor, Portland State University, Institute for Nonprofit Management, 2012. Courses taught on non-profit arts administration.
  • Advisory Board, Photolucida, Portland, Oregon, 2017-present. Chair, Board of Directors, 2004-2007. PhotoLucida is an arts non profit dedicated to providing a platform for the national and international photography community through a bi-annual international festival and portfolio reviews.
  • Board member, Dynasty House, a nonprofit providing funds to build homes and support education for people in Motema, a village ravaged by war in eastern Sierra Leone, 2013-2016.

Her consulting client base includes institutions and individual artists around the country. She is a sought after essayist for photography monographs and works with major international photography publishers and artists.